Comments:Scenario...What if Brian Wedgeworth, Brian Lapsley, Brainard Bell, Brian Wedgeworth, Otis Washington or Brian Jones did this really?

I am in. Oh!!!!! his days are numbered :-) . Justice is on its way.

He's in Chicago now ladies...beware

This piss of nothing is once again going to get a way with this.

Case was brought to the state Attorny's office and we are waiting for an answer.

Brandon. AKA. Otis or whetever else he goes by here is his new phone number 205.470.7731. Paste this phone number everywhere!!!

Sad to say the saga continues... I met this guy on POF and he gave me all those juicy bits that he gave every other female he's targeted. He is going by the name Christopher Bartholomew Green now. He was just texting me this morning after I changed my banking information and he no longer had access to my account. Yes, I was way too trusting and he was able to deposit checks into my account and convinced me to wire some of the money to Brandon Washington in Seattle, he suppoded "frat brother". Once the conversations became to focused on the money he placed in my account I became suspicious and googled the number he gave me which by the way is 205-470-7731. All of these sites, and a reference to this one, came up and I was floored at how foolish I had been. things could have been a lot worse for me and I was sure to notify my bank of these dealings immediately. I suspect he has robbed some poor girl's account by stealing one of her checks and making it out to me for a mobile deposit. I am in the process of contacting the authorities and hopefully can return the portion of her funds that he did not get. When I confronted him with the alias' and lies all he had to say was "I did nothing wrong to you, believe what you want"! I feel sorry for his family and especially his daugther if he truly has one. If this "dude", whoever he really is ever gets to see this I hope he knows that he will reap the seeds he has sown...good and BAD! My God is true to his word.

Well well well...this creep has shown up in Chicago. He did the exact same thing to me. I met him on match. He did all of the above, said he wanted to pay all my bills ect ect ect. Deposited a large check into my account. The only way I figured the scam out is because when he deposited the check, I was able to view the check online and noticed that the check name said Brian Wedgeworth. He told me his name was Brandon Washington. I called my bank and asked them to call the bank and verify the check was good. They told me the check was a fraud and would be returned. I then googled both names and found this website. this is when I figured out the scam. I called the Chicago police and told them EXACLTY where this asshole was,(he told me what Chicago hotel he was staying in,& I called and verified he was checked in) and filed a police report. He had warrants, so they dispatched officers. Apparently the idiotic Chicago police did not catch him, which I don't know how, because I handed him to them on a silver platter. The next morning he calls me saying "you called the police on me". So I knew yet again that the police failed yet another woman. How they did not catch him, and he knew they were looking for him, is beyond me. SMDH! Long story short, he did not take any of my money, and I have closed all accounts and have moved. I surely hope someone catches him. this is ridiculous.

Yes, I am. I'm one of the latest victims and am in Houston, TX. How do we go about secret communication?

It happened to me... His name is Brandon Lamar King now living in LA. 470 258 9339

WOW!!! This is absolutely HORRIBLE!!! This disgusting, pathetic shell of a man contacted me on a website within the last month stating that he was interested in getting to know me on a personal level...but thank GOD for the gift of discernment...I turned down his offer to meet up...he was very aggresive & talked of a "censored courtship". SMH!!! I am SPEECHLESS!!!

currently in Dekalb coungy jail as of 11/24/12....

Update as of 12/12/2012 Brian Brainard Wedgeworth is still in DeKalb county jail, I sat in court and watched as he found out that his victims in GA are coming out of hiding. As of today 15 women in DeKalb, Fulton (ATL) area. Not to mention cases in now 7 other states,$200,000.00 CASH bond stands!!!! He wants to be sent back to Birmingham to finish serving his prison time remaining, but GOD is in control of ALL that has taken place with his capture. NO he is NOT a KAPPA or a MASON. Brian’s reach is NEVER longer than GOD'S and he is looking like pitiful patty sitting in jail now. Oh this is his GOD given name from birth!!! If you have been victimized by Brian, Brandon, Brainard contact officer: [email protected], Financial Crimes Unit @ 770/724-7789.There is power in the strength of shining the light on the works of the enemy. This young man is evil and must not be able to take the dreams of black women who are expecting to meet a man of EXCELLENCE and STANDARDS in our black community.

this is crazy as hell. That's about all I can say about it. lol.

He is sitting in Dekalb counting jail,so call Chicago police and give them Officer Cooks number.

Please have your friend contact Detective Cook in DeKalb county:[email protected], Finacial Crimes Unit 770/724-7789 We have finnally got him in jail here in GA,I was in court when they set his bond at $200,000.00 CASH only!!! Second hearing judge Williams refused to give him a reduction after hearing his crimnal record since 1997!!! We need to add on to the charges he has on him now,contact your Police departments to assist our police department with your charges.Feel free to contact me as well.

As of 12/11/12 his sister Juanicca Janeen Wedgeworth has an active FRAUD warrent out on her,Fed officer friend has found lots of informtion on his sister,bro and the parents!!! It has been worth every $$$$ you can not make your living off the sweat of HARD working people and not have it come to an END!!!!!You can run but even Satan got tripped up by his own dirt,so what makes you think you are even smarter than his demonic self.Your time has come!!

Can you get more information to me,I am the mother of one of his victims.I will continue to support the legal system has they hold him in Dekalb county jail.I have been in contact with a news media here in Atlanta area that wants to do a story on Fraud and Idenitiy Thief on dating sites,Brian and his family spend more time trolling for new victims than we do working regular jobs.I want to make sure Brian gets enough jail time this time,not a slap on the wrist,there is a 22yr old young lady who's family that has suffered her suicide this past year from the shame of damage done by Brian and his team of scum bags.I pray daily that GOD will pull the covers off the complete team and all they do and who they ALL are!!!!!!


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